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I’m so happy we’ve connected. Welcome to Violet Flame Healing.  

I’ve been given the unique gift of spiritually guided life force energy “Reiki” – allowing me to heal others with my hands. The Universal Loving Energy is so powerful! My mission is to share my gift with you, bringing you  mental, emotional , physical  and spiritual healing.  

Born in Slovakia, the oldest of four I’ve been a caregiver since childhood and have a natural affinity towards healing. A couple years ago I began the search for my divine life purpose. The Universe pointed me to the Healing Arts Center of Altadena and I immediately felt a strong connection. 

Through the Healing Arts Center community wellness programing I was introduced to Reiki and Violet Flame Energy. The first time I practiced Violet Flame Energy I felt a sensational vibrational energy going through my hands. It was so powerful that all students in the class could see this energy. I reconnected with my true calling and got certified in Reiki 1 and 2  and  Master Training. 

My first life experience practicing Reiki came as a blessing. A couple weeks after certification a close family member unexpectedly fell into a coma, with a paralyzed body and on life support – the doctors said there was no brain function. It was at that moment I knew what I had to do. I began to practice Reiki on my family member twice daily and after two weeks he completely recovered and is now living life! 

I’ve since continued with my education and certifications to further expand my practice to become a Reiki Master. Additional certifications include: Holy Fire Reiki, Energetic Alchemy, Integrated Healing, Reflexology, Sound Therapy and Ministry. 

I am blessed with healing hands and unconditional love, I truly hope to share my gifts with you.